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Crablaw is back, and he’s ready to party.

Long-time clients of the former Law Office of Bruce Godfrey may be surprised to see a much-reduced website now.  Where did the website go? And who the heck is “Crablaw”? I have been employed full-time by Jezic & Moyse, LLC in Montgomery County, MD, since September 2014; it has been a challenging transition, but a very satisfying one professionally. After […]

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The White Elephant in the Room

What is “whiteness”? Specifically, what is “whiteness” in America? Superficially, relatively pale European skin color (in its diversity) may be the result of the interplay between melanin, Vitamin D and folate/folic acid. Melanin impedes Vitamin D production, but aids the production/retention of folic acid, both of which affect human development even prenatally. Environments with little sun (high latitudes) put the ability […]

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Rebuild It Now

Seven months ago, I joined Jezic & Moyse (then Jezic Krum & Moyse)  in Montgomery County, and soon thereafter I moved to northern Prince George’s County in Calverton, a modest fairly quiet suburb with not much going on. Most of my social network is located “north of the River” – the Patuxent River – and the intense, client-focused work pace […]

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The Ten Rules of Lawyering

Rule 1: Get Paid Up Front Rule 2: Don’t Win The Ethics War, Avoid the Ethics War (Foonberg the Great) Rule 3: 90% of Law School is a Waste, but Which 90%? Rule 4: Never Believe Career Services, Especially When They Tell The Truth Rule 5: Law School Is a Terrible Investment; Make the Most of It Rule 6: It’s Impossible […]

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Adam Reposa, Attorney at Law….

This report shows how attorney Adam Reposa of Austin has gotten jailed for contempt of court for using a lewd gesture at a prosecutor during a trial, made crazy ads and now created stickers bearing the seal of the City of Austin marking businesses as for “white people only” and affixed them to businesses in gentrifying neighborhoods in Austin, Texas. Previously […]

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