Aaron Neville said it best: “Tell it like it is.” Some of the links below can help you get more information about the law and about how this law office helps real people facing real problems in traffic and criminal court, in unemployment hearings and on the job with unpaid or underpaid wages.

Employment Law

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 8.32.14 PMThis law office represents Maryland workers who suffer illegal injustices on the job or who are struggling to protect their families and finances after a job loss.  Discrimination law suits, whistle blower litigation, wrongful termination claims, unpaid wage collection suits, overtime & minimum wage claims (también en español), and claims under federal and Maryland civil rights laws are all part of this law office’s business.   In specific instances, the law office does represent owner-operated Maryland small businesses but mostly represents workers under a “pro-worker, pro-labor, pro-union” general approach.

Maryland unemployment appeals before the Lower Appeals Division, the Board of Appeals and in some instances before a Circuit Court following a petition for judicial review are a major part of this law office’s work.  Please feel free to learn more through this basic Maryland unemployment appeals guide.

Criminal Defense and Traffic Court

This law office represents defendants in Maryland criminal cases - in cases involving alleged illegal drugs, firearms, theft accusations, alcohol violations, assaults, and in traffic court – both jailable and more “routine” traffic matters.

Many clients need specific help with certain types of cases, such as marijuana possession or cultivation charges or medical marijuana needs that collide with current law.  The office represents many motorists facing regulatory problems with their licenses, their vehicles or alleged alcohol motoring charges before the District Court of Maryland and the Motor Vehicle Administration through the Office of Administrative Hearings.  Clients facing Maryland bench warrants often contact this office for help, sometimes from out of state.

By policy this Law Office does not represent persons charged with sex offenses, sexual abuse or internet pornography crimes, but will offer a professional referral at no charge to an appropriate criminal defense attorney with experience with accusations of sexual violence and the professional work to be done in those cases.

Lawsuits (Civil Litigation)

The law office handles general civil litigation in federal and state court in Maryland. Lawsuits shouldn’t be the first option but sometimes cases won’t settle or simply shouldn’t settle.  The firm handles debt collection work on a case-by-case basis and is active in post-judgment collection litigation including garnishments, charging orders, oral examinations and writs of execution under the Maryland rules of procedure.

Professional Standards

No attorney can do “everything” but this law firm aims to do well what it does.  The practice is active in mentorship to junior attorneys in Maryland both formally and informally. The firm’s Client Bill of Rights is a core part of this firm’s commitment to standards of fairness, efficiency and accountability to clients.  The firm’s “human-centered” philosophy is simple:

People actually matter, and so their legal rights matter.

Most importantly, people usually call their lawyer during stressful times or regarding difficult topics, and clients deserve to know that their lawyer views them as a human being with dignity and not just as a “billable hour.”

The Bottom Line

My name is Bruce Godfrey; I am a human being and, secondly, an attorney in Maryland.  I run this law firm and the professional “buck” stops with me.

Law practice isn’t about sex appeal, catchy TV slogans, stupid advertising or lawyer egos; it’s about figuring out what needs to be done for real clients and getting it done for manageable fees and costs.  If you are looking for legal help in metropolitan Baltimore or the Washington suburbs, maybe my law firm can help you, or help you get to the right attorney for you through a referral.  During business hours I return client and prospective client calls with 24 hours and often much faster (with exceptions for holidays and family time.)

Please feel free to call my office at 410-561-6061; I’d like to help you get what you want or need.